Information letter

International conference
"XI Belarusian mathematical conference"
(November 5–9, 2012, Minsk, BELARUS)
First Announcement
The Belarusian State University (BSU) and the Institute of Mathematics (IM) of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences organize at November 5–9, 2012, in Minsk, Belarus, the eleventh International Conference “Belarusian Mathematical Conference”.
Arrival and departure days are November 4 and 10.
The length of plenary invited lectures is 40–60 min, reports – 20 min and short communications – 10 min. The publications of the abstract is planned.
Organizing Committee of BMC-2012
S.V. Ablameiko, Academician, Rector of Belarusian State University (Chairman)
I.V. Gaishun, Academitian, Director of Institute of Mathematics, Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus (Chairman)
M.A. Zhuravkov, Minsk, Belarus (Vice-Chairman)
P.P. Matus, Minsk, Belarus (Vice-Chairman)
P.A. Mandrik, Minsk, Belarus
D.G. Medvedev, Minsk, Belarus
A.A. Voroshilov, Minsk, Belarus (Secretary)
V.V. Lepin, Minsk, Belarus (Secretary)
A.E. Budko, Brest, Belarus; Yu.A. Bykadorov , Minsk, Belarus; A.L. Gladkov, Vitebsk, Belarus;
V.V. Gorokhovik, Minsk, Belarus; V.V. Krakhotko, Minsk, Belarus; V.V. Kursov, Minsk, Belarus; E.A. Rovba, Grodno, Belarus; L.A. Shemetkov, Gomel, Belarus; V.V. Shlykov, Minsk, Belarus.
Program Committee of BMC-2012
V.I. Korzyuk, Minsk, Belarus; P.P. Zabreiko, Minsk, Belarus; N.A. Izobov, Minsk, Belarus; F.M. Kirillova, Minsk, Belarus; Ya.V.Radyno, Minsk, Belarus; L.A. Shemetkov, Gomel, elarus;
L.A. Yanovich, Minsk, Belarus;V.I. Yanchevskii, Minsk, Belarus.
Scientific Program and the Section Titles
Real and Complex Analysis.
Chairman – Krotov Veniamin Grigoryevich, BSU. e-mail:
Secretary – Karpovich Natalya Igorevna, BSU.
Functional Analysis and Operator Equations.
Chairman – Radyno Yakov Valentinovich, BSU.
Secretary – Radyno Evgenii Mefodyevich, BSU. e-mail:
Ordinary Differential Equations.
Chairman – Gromak Valerii Ivanovich, BSU.
Secretary – Cherginets Dmitrii Nikolaevich, BSU. e-mail:
Partial Differential Equations.
Chairman ­­– Yourchuk Nikolai Iosifovich, BSU.
Secretary – Lomovcev Fedor Egorovich. e-mail:
Algebra and Number Theory.
Chairman – Yanchevskii Vyacheslav Ivanovich, IM-BSU.
Secretary – Osinovskaya Anna Aleksandrovna. e-mail:
Geometry and Topology.
Chairman – Ageev Sergei Mikhailovich, BSU.
Secretary – Vylegzhanin Denis Vladimirovich. e-mail:
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.
Chairman – Trush Nikolai Nikolaevich, BSU.
Secretary – Kharin Aleksei Yourievich. e-mail:
Computing Mathematics.
Chairman – Matus Petr Pavlovich, IM.
Secretary – Martsynkevich Grigorii Leonidovich. e-mail:
Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Physics.
Chairman – Volkov Vasilii Mikhailovich, BSU. e-mail:
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Chairman – Zhuravkov Mikhail Anatolievich, BSU.
Secretary – Sherbakov Sergei Sergeevich. e-mail:
Mathematical Problems of Data Protection and Data Analysis.
Chairman – Kharin Yourii Semenovich, BSU.
Secretary – Gaiduk Anton Nikolaevich. e-mail:
Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics.
Chairman – Kotov Vladimir Michailovich, BSU.
Secretary – Volchkova Galina Petrovna. e-mail:
Optimization and Control Theory.
Chairman – Kalinin Anatolii Iosifovich, BSU
Secretary – Kurdina Mariya Alexandrovna, BSU, e-mail:
Methods of Teaching Mathematics at High School.
Chairman – Shlykov Vladimir Vladimirovich, BSPU.
Secretary – Shilinets Vladimir Adamovich, BSPU. e-mail:
Would you like, please, to confirm your participation at BMC-2012 and send us till July, 1st, 2012, the following information:
1.     Name, surname.
2.     Affiliation.
3.     Address (mail and e-mail).
4.     Section
5.     Title of report and its length
Working languages
English, Russian, Belarusian.
Abstract Sample
Would you like, please, to send us a 1 page abstract of your report prepared in LATEX (an example of preparation is enclosed) via e-mail. (.tex and .pdf)
Deadline for the abstract: July 1, 2012.
Working languages: English, Russian.
Registration Fee
50 US dollars which partially cover organizing expences, publications of information materials and the booklet of abstracts.
Republic of Belarus, 220030 Minsk, 4 Nezavisimosti ave, Belarusian State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, BMC-2012
Voroshilov Alexander Alexandrovich, e-mail:
Lepin Viktor Vasilievich,  e-mail:
Organizing Committee of BMC-2012